Our Mission and Goals

For several decades, the UK has insufficiently addressed external and domestic threats. Military and police services have been cut far too far, some international tech companies wield far too much power (often without responsibility), whilst the roots of international and domestic terrorism are routinely misunderstood and underestimated.

From knife-crime, through to terrorism and serious organised crime, too many security blind-spots in the UK have been exploited. Too many errors and own-goals have occurred.

With Brexit debates behind us, it is time to treat our personal and community safety as a national priority once more. Moreover, we need to re-learn lessons from the 1930s, 1970s and 1980s: there is absolutely nothing wrong with protecting ourselves and investing in our collective safety and security.

In fact, our allies and partners around the world expect nothing less from Great Britain!

Supported by the UK business community, the UK NSA will therefore confidently lobby for proportionate, effective and sustainable investment into the UK’s homeland and national security services.

  1. UK national defence spending set at a minimum of 3%.
  2. Confident, realist, approaches for addressing UK Homeland Security challenges, including in Cyber and Counter-terrorism ‘Prevent’ and ‘Protect’ domains.
  3. Holding governments and public authorities to account for promises related to UK Homeland Security, including for the much-needed recruitment of 20,000 police officers as well as much lengthier (and fully served) custodial sentences for terrorism-related offences.
  4. Ensuring that UK security and defence industries maximise opportunities presented by Brexit in a responsible manner, with full and explicit support of the UK Government and Whitehall.
  5. Unashamedly define and support the UK national interests, as well as firmly buttress our family of trusted international partners in domains of international diplomacy and security policy.
  6. Promotion of employer-supported policing (Specials) and military reservist initiatives. Active support of free speech and the open, civilised debate of security and related matters, upon University campuses and across broader civil society.

The UK New Security Alliance being launched in the House of Commons June 2018 with Founder and Director, Richard Bingley, kindly hosted by Dame Louise Ellman MP