Amber Rudd, the second highest profile woman in English politics, resigned as Home Secretary yesterday evening. This morning she was swiftly replaced by fellow Cabinet member, Sajid Javid.

Rudd, a talented and likeable MP, often looked stretched at Marsham Street. (Who wouldn’t?) Too deep cuts into policing, fused with the seemingly intractable disaster of UK immigration management systems, have sunk the political career of a woman who, despite her lack of flamboyance, is a competent figurehead.

In our humble assessment, Rudd would have equally flourished outside of Westminster’s increasingly polarised corridors of power.

Urgent tweets, from outside of the Vote Leave side of the Conservative Party, demanded that the PM brings in a firm Brexiteer to sure up a clean EU exit.


Surely what is needed is the very best individual to come in and grip the Home Office? Alongside the Department of Health, it’s a department where, when things go wrong, it can mean the difference between life and death.

Well over a decade ago, Dr John Reid, an exemplary Home Secretary, admitted to the country that the Home Office, through decades of poor documention and sprawling (mis)management, was “not fit for purpose”.

He was not including MI5, who report into the Home Office, within this view.

With the swift reemergence of a new Cold War, cyber attacks hitting UK business hard, ISIS’s murderous campaign in full throttle, and violent crime soaring, now is definitely not the time to play politics with our Home Office.

The public has voted for Brexit. The government and opposition has committed to it. The Foreign Office has a Brexit Foreign Secretary and the government has a pro ‘Brexit Secretary’ and International Trade team.

We wish our new Home Secretary Sajid Javid well during his time at Marsham Street. If his team succeed, then we all benefit.