The world’s independent watchdog, which works to prohibit the use of chemical weapons, will report its findings next week into the attempt to assassinate a former Russian intelligence officer and his daughter, recently in Britain.

The UK Government formally requested “technical assistance” from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to identify toxins used. The OPCW reported that they collected samples on the 14 and 21 March, in a statement made today by its Director General (4 April).

The Independent international team also took “biomedical samples from these two victims, as well as from a third individual, a police officer reportedly exposed to a toxic chemical.” These samples were sealed and taken to an OPCW laboratory on 23 March.

Richard Bingley, Advisory Board Chairman at the UK New Security Alliance (UKNSA) said:

“The OPCW will report their findings next week to the UK. But, quite correctly, the UK Government has asked for the maximum possible transparency to apply. Therefore it is likely that most other global leaders will learn this independent body’s findings very soon.”

Alongside the OPCW’s independent inquiry, UK police and government agencies are conducting their own investigations.

“The next few weeks are likely to be at least as diplomatically turbulent as those just passed,” Bingley predicted.

The UK New Security Alliance is launched at the Houses of Parliament on 13 June 2018. Senior level politicians and security sector leaders will address security concerns for a selected audience of business operators and public sector officials.

“The aim is to build up awareness and our economic resilience to major security threats,” added Bingley. “We urge all those interested to get involved in this initiative.”